R2A Group a leading manufacturer of bumpers for cars and beyond

Cutting-edge technology, experience and specialised technicians: these are the strengths of a company that is always up-to-date and can guarantee first-class products.

Some of our products

Auto parts: wholesale in Italy and worldwide

R2A Group has been an undisputed reference in the auto parts industry for more than 75 years.

At its large factory, with a covered area of 30,000 m3 and an open area of 130,000 m3, the group produces bumpers, grilles, spoilers, mouldings, etc. for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. 

The company is able to meet all specific customer requirements, boasting a structure and logistics organisation with proven efficiency. R2A Group, based in Cafasse, in the province of Turin, guarantees supplies of first-class auto parts with the necessary certifications. 

The company has a production department in which the moulding processes and quality control of raw materials are carried out. Auto parts are resold directly to the customer through an organised sales department. 

Production of spare parts for cars and commercial vehicles Produzione di ricambi auto e veicoli commerciali

The quality of a car accessory is an indispensable feature to guarantee every vehicle an excellent performance.


The car spare parts produced by R2A Group will allow you to ensure optimal performance of your car, both from a functional and a purely aesthetic point of view.


The Cafasse-based company, in over 75 years of work, has been able to win the trust of motorists by offering articles of excellent quality and effectiveness. 

In fact, the company has become a leader in the sector, renowned throughout Italy and the world.


The skills of the technicians, the qualifications obtained and the selection of the best components help to guarantee the customer a meticulous, highly satisfactory service.

What sets us apart

The group coordinates activities well, keeping the various departments constantly connected while retaining their autonomy. R2A Group can thus offer a first-class, technological and efficient product to all its customers.

Production processes

Accurate productions, expertly carried out by qualified technicians.


The auto parts offered are accompanied by the necessary quality certificates.


The extensive catalogue will allow you to choose the most suitable accessory for your specific needs.

R2A Group

The experience gained over 75 years makes the company a reference all over the world.

Our history: experience and reliability 


The Company
R2A Group was founded in 1943 in Cafasse, in the province of Turin. From the
immediately committed to offering customers a quality service, becoming
one of the largest producers of auto parts in Europe and the world.
the world.

Innovation, attention and meticulous attention to detail make the company’s work highly punctual and precise.

Technicians work in a factory divided into an indoor
30,000 m3 indoor area and a 130,000 m3 outdoor area.
Technology and quality for over 75 years: discover the products sold
by the company!

Headquarters and contact details

R2A Group

Corso Mandelli G. 10

10070 Cafasse (TO)


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Mon – Fri 08:30 – 12:30  13:30 – 17:30 Sat – Sun Closed

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